A premier photography service based right here in Lombok, Doingvisual specializes in creating stunning visual narratives that highlight the contrasts and beauty of Somewhere Lombok. From the serene mornings by the pool to the thrilling moments on the waves, our photography brings the vibrancy and tranquility of this paradise to life.

Explore the magic of Somewhere Lombok through the expert eyes of Doingvisual. Every photo tells a story of a place where everything aligns perfectly with nature, wellbeing, sustainability, and community. Our focus is to show a place where contrasts come to life. Secluded yet accessible, peaceful yet thrilling. It’s a sanctuary designed for relaxation and adventure.

Client: Somewhere Lombok

Services provided

Photography & Directing


Somewhere draws on their combined background in the service industry and extensive travels to deliver a new kind of hospitality. one that is inspired by – and mindful of Indonesia’s culture and environment while offering an experience designed to suprise and delight modern travellers

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